We buy & grow API-based SaaS

We do it well. We do it fast.

We are investors and builders

Indigo builds & buys API-based SaaS ventures, leveraging the unique skillset of an experienced team of seasoned entrepreneurs consisting of development and marketing experts. We apply a proven methodology to rapidly grow the revenue and profitability of our portfolio companies.

API focus

We have a consistent portfolio thesis, focusing on API-based SaaS.


We believe in creative synergies and cross-pollination between our projects.

target API

We're not unicorn breeders. We adopt a pragmatic yet ambitious approach to develop sustainable assets.

we are active investors

We are active investors

We are hands-on operators in all the projects we take on board. That’s our strategy to guarantee the sustainable development of our assets, both from a product and financial perspective.

We are applying what we have learned in 20+ years building and managing digital ventures at a global scale.

We are problem solvers

We are looking for projects which solve real problems in evergreen markets, via an API-based offering.

we are problem solvers

We act fast

Always on the lookout

We're constantly looking for exciting opportunities, both from a builder's and investor's perspective. We're quick to act, setting things in motion in a matter of days.

Smooth negotiation

We won't waste your time in endless due diligence procedures. We have a quick yet effective process (finance, tech & marketing). We'll form our opinion in 2 weeks.

Frictionless closing

After agreeing on the terms of the deal, we'll quickly sort out the paperwork and you'll get paid via Escrow. Our operational team will take care of the handover.


If you have all the financial, tech and marketing information ready, we can set things in motion in 48 hours and reach an agreement in 2 weeks.

We can either replace the team (mostly when founders are the only staff on board) or maintain the existing team. Both options can be considered. Our goal is to give your product a new home which will guarantee its sustainable development.

In order to be effective, we focus on API-based SaaS businesses. We can only have explore SaaS opportunities which can be developed as an API business.

At this stage of our development, we focus on profitable companies generating between $50,000 and $100,000 MRR, with at least one full year of operational history and a relatively low churn (less than 10%). We can also open discussions at an earlier stage, feel free to reach out.

Looking for a quick & fair exit?